Emergency Management

FEMA Assistance for Homeowners
Homeowners may qualify for financial assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for damage caused by hurricane Sandy. For more information please consult FEMA’s website.

Small Business Disaster Loans
Small businesses may be eligible for loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to assist in recovering from Hurricane Sandy. For further information, please consult the SBA website.

Plainsboro Office of Emergency Management
It is the goal of the Plainsboro Office of Emergency Management (POEM) to prepare the citizens of Plainsboro for potential disasters and to provide a coordinated response in the event of a disaster. Emergency response is a coordinated effort involving the Plainsboro’s Fire Department, Police Department and Rescue Squad. In the event of a natural or man made disaster POEM will provide disaster aid and assistance in areas ranging from search and rescue to shelter and mitigation.

Special Needs During an Emergency Event
The Plainsboro Township Office of Emergency Management estimates that 5% of the total population of the Township of Plainsboro (750 people) would be considered special needs people who would require transportation in the event of an evacuation. Additionally, a small percentage of the population who are not considered “special needs people,” but who in fact do not have access to a private vehicle would require some transportation assistance. It is very important to have evacuation preplanned so that in the event of an evacuation precious time is not lost.

To better assist special needs residents in the event of an emergency, we are asking residents to register with the Plainsboro Township Website. There is a section in the registration form that is dedicated to Special Needs persons. This information will only be used by the Plainsboro Township. Office of Emergency Management and will remain confidential.