Speed-Agility-Quickness Training

Camp Information

  •  Grades: Boys and girls in upcoming grades 6 - 12
  • Location: Plainsboro Municipal Complex: Room AB & Township Field
  • Dates: 8 Weeks, Each Week = Two 75 minute Training Sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays  
    • Week 1: July 3 & July 5
    • Week 2: July 10 & July 12
    • Week 3: July 17 & July 19
    • Week 4: July 24 & July 26
    • Week 5: July 31 & August 2
    • Week 6: August 7 & August 9
    • Week 7: August 14 & August 16
  • Time: 3:45 - 5:00 p.m.
  • Staff: Mike Jackson: Former Nationally-Ranked Sprinter, NCAA Div 1 Conference Champion, IC4A Qualifier, National Champion, and 2-time Track & Field “Coach of the Year” as Head Coach of the WW-P North Track & Field; assisted by varsity coaches and athletes
  • Fee: $60 per week
  • Residency: No residency restrictions


You may have heard the phrase, "Speed kills!" in reference to what makes great athletes and great teams. This is absolutely TRUE! You may have also heard the phrase, "You can't teach speed." This is absolutely FALSE! You're not likely to turn a very slow athlete into a lightning fast athlete, but every athlete can be taught to run with efficient mechanics and every athlete's muscle memory can be re-wired by SAQ training to move with improved acceleration, lateral mobility, and vertical leaping ability. 

This Speed-Agility-Quickness training has empowered athletes with the skills, confidence, and competitive edge they need to make their school team, gain scholarships to college, or simply enjoy recreational athletics a lot more due to the improved speed, agility, and quickness that allows the athlete to separate from a defender on offense and defend opposing ball handlers and generate turnovers with better footwork and explosiveness. This cutting-edge training has been giving each athletes in WW-P from all sports and of all ability levels their best chance at success by making slower athletes faster and fast athletes lightning-fast for the past 15 years! 

Competitive and/or recreational athletes will improve overall level of fitness and athleticism by training like the “pros”.  Training will introduce high-tech Plyometric training methods to improve overall speed and explosive strength.  All athletes will benefit from the use of agility ladders, bungee cords, harness resistance sprinting, parachutes, bounding boxes, over-speed trainers, and core strength training.   

Financial Assistance is available; if you plan to apply you cannot register online. Please come to our office or call x1719 for detailed information

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