Camp Information

  •  Grades: Boys and girls in upcoming grades 5 - 9 for the 2019-2020 school year. 
  • Location: High School North
  • Dates: June 24 - June 28
  • Time: 9:00 - 3:00 p.m.
  • Staff: Director Mike Jackson, Former WW-P North Varsity Football, Boys Basketball, & Track & Field Coach; Current CMS Cross-Country, Boys Basketball, & Track & Field Coach; Two-time Mercer County “Coach of the Year”;  Mercer County Ultimate Frisbee League MVP and UPA Ultimate Frisbee National Champion; Inducted as a member of the Rider University Track & Field Team to the Rider Athletics Hall of Fame.  
  • Assistant Directors – Art Stubbs, WW-P North Phys Ed Teacher / Former College of New Jersey Football Player / Former WW-P North Head Varsity Football Coach; Chris Pisano, CMS Spanish Teacher / former College of New Jersey Soccer Player / Former CMS Boys Basketball Coach / Current Track & Field Coach 
  • Fee: $220
  • Residency: No residency restrictions


Have you already specialized in just one or two sport? Do you remember what it was like when you played all kinds of sports all year round? Do you miss the feeling of playing sports, not for your parents, or your school, or for a scholarship, or the pressure to be the BEST, but just for the LOVE OF THE GAME? Ever dream of what it might feel like to compete  in the Olympics? Have you noticed that unlike professional sports, the Olympic games showcases the highest level of character, sportsmanship, love of the game, and respect for everyone involved, including opponents? Well, your dream just came true! SuperSPORTS athletes will play a variety of sports such as Flag Football, Spikeball, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Goaltimate, Soccer, Floor Hockey, Rugby, Wiffle Ball, Dodgeball, team handball, pickleball, Capture the Flag, and our very own sport that combines the skills, rules, and goals of soccer, football, and basketball -- invented and now trademarked by Coach Mike Jackson -- SuperSPORTS!!!  After spending two days playing over a dozen different sports, campers will be divided into Olympic teams representing the United States, Brazil, France, Spain, China, Australia, Jamaica, or any other nation of their choice in a sports tournament that actually feels like the OLYMPIC GAMES!!!

Experienced Varsity coaches and counselors will ensure a competitive yet encouraging environment. Our entire camp staff is made up of current or former high school and college sports All-Conference, All-State, and All-American athletes and coaches who LOVE sports and have a contagious enthusiasm that infects every kid. This passion for sports results in every camper “catching the sports bug” and building up to a feverish sports frenzy resembling the Olympic Games!  Kids come to camp with faces painted, wearing their nation’s colors, and waving flags to show their team spirit! After mixing-up teams for the first two days, our camp staff will draft their Olympic “Dream Team” and the three-day SuperSPORT Olympic Games will consume the campers for the remainder of the week. At the end of the week the top three teams will receive tournament-quality Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. The top boy and girl Athlete/Leader will be awarded a scholarship to a future SuperSPORTS camp and the opportunity to become a Counselor-in-Training and possibly a paid employee of SuperSPORTS camp in the future! 
The SuperSPORTS Varsity (grades 5-9) will emphasize the same type of sportsmanship you see at the olympic games but will be naturally more competitive because of the older, bigger, stronger, faster, and more experienced athletes. Tournament quality Gold, Silver, & Bronze Medals will be awarded to the top 3 teams in the camp, so the campers really work hard to become a true team and compete hard to win, but within the guidelines of respect for their opponent, their teammates, the supervising adults, and the game itself. The desire to win is a high priority but it never overshadows respect for one another and love of the game!

Children entering 5th grade for the 2019-2020 school year may participate in either the SuperSPORTS Varsity or Junior camp, or can choose to do both camps.  It is recommended that if a 5th grader is older for his/her grade and/or experienced and/or advanced athlete, he/she should register for the Varsity camp and if he/she is young for his/her grade and/or is an inexperienced and/or average/below-average athlete, he/she should register for the Junior Camp (2nd -5th Grade).  One indicator is that in order to fit well in the Varsity Camp, the 5th Grader should be average to above average size for his/her grade and able to catch a ball thrown fairly fast without running the risk of getting hurt by a ball thrown by an older athlete. 

Pre & Post Camp is available at Community Middle School through WWP Community Education for an additional fee.  SuperSPORTS Camp staff members will escort the campers between the two schools.  Registration for Pre & Post Camp is done directly with WWP Community Education.

Financial Assistance is available; if you plan to apply you cannot register online. Please come to our office or call 609-799-0909 x1719 for more information.

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