Debate Camp

Camp Information
  • Ages: Boys and girls in upcoming grades 6-9
  • Location: Plainsboro Recreation & Cultural Center 
  • Dates: 2 1-week sessions
    • June 20 - June 24
    • July 25 - July 29
  • Time: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Staff: Director: Michael Jackson; 7th Grade Social Studies (U.S. History) Teacher at Community Middle School
    Instructors:Maria Pyle & Debbie Kline; Community Middle School 8th Grade Social Studies (World History) Teachers
    Dr. Rebecca McClelland-Crawley; Community Middle School 6-8th Grade Prism (Gifted and Talented) Teacher
    Seamus Dowling; Grover Middle School 8th Grade Social Studies (World History) Teacher 
  • Fee: $220
Have you ever been told that you love to argue? Or that you should be an attorney when you grow-up? Have you watched the 2016 Primary Election debates and wondered, "Is that the best that a professional public speaker can do?" Are you interested in winning arguments or influencing your friends, family, and classmates? If you answered “YES” to ANY of these questions, then Debate Camp is for YOU!  If gaining the skills needed to succeed in a career such as law or STEM, or if gaining an advantage in advanced-level history courses or any course requiring effective and persuasive communication interests you, then we’d love to have you at Debate Camp!  This camp will help you gain and sharpen specific tools and techniques related to persuasive communication including: court room trials, persuasive presentations, political campaigns, and competitive team debates.

You will learn how to effectively organize facts and research in problem-solving situations and how to use evidence-based arguments to persuade others to support and act on your ideas and proposals. We will debate school-related academic and social issues, local community dilemmas, national issues such as gun control, freedom of speech, immigration and healthcare reform, as well as global issues such as climate change, human rights violations, and disease control. You will learn from Ted Talks, Middle School Public Debate Program video clips and how-to sheets, Teacher/Coach modeling and demonstrations, and live guest speakers about how advertising executives, business entrepreneurs, trial lawyers, U.S. senators, and global ambassadors convince people “buy into” their ideas.

You will come away from Debate Camp with the tools that will empower you to succeed not only in debates, mock trials, and political campaigns, but also in any persuasive communication.  Each morning and afternoon will feature three learning stations facilitated by our prestigious staff and will culminate with a competitive simulation. Awards will be presented to the top persuasive presenters/debaters/campaigners at the end of the week.  The week will culminate with a festive Presidential Election in the Plainsboro Recreation & Cultural Center as well as a Mock Trial in the actual Plainsboro Municipal Courthouse!  
Post Camp will be offered through WWP North Athletic Camps at the Plainsboro Recreation & Cultural Center for an additional fee.  Registration for Post Camp must be done prior to the start of camp either on the Township website or in person at the Recreation & Cultural Center.  

Financial Assistance is available; if you plan to apply you cannot register online. Please come to our office or call 609-799-0909 x1719 for more information.

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