Plainsboro Business

  1. Business Directory

    Search a listing of businesses and organizations that operate in the area.

  2. Chambers of Commerce

    Discover information about area chambers of commerce and business initiatives.

  3. Doing Business With Plainsboro

    Plainsboro Township purchases a variety of products and services to support its facilities and programs. As a public entity, the township is required to comply with numerous state regulations regarding purchasing because of the high level of scrutiny involved with the use of public funds.

  4. Office & Research Facilities

    Plainsboro Township is a center for major corporate office and research facilities from Fortune 500 companies to small start-up firms.

  5. Shopping & Retail Services

    Plainsboro’s shopping centers offer restaurants for every taste, retail shops, grocery and drug stores and a variety of other services for those who live and work in town.

  6. Transportation Services

    Plainsboro is minutes from the New Jersey Turnpike and along Amtrak’s and New Jersey Transit’s Northeast Corridor providing access to metropolitan areas throughout the Mid Atlantic and Northeast regions.