Camp Information

  • Ages: Boys and girls in upcoming grades 6-12
  • Location: Recreation & Cultural Center
  • Dates: 1-week session
    • August 22-26
  • Time: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Staff: Ms. Donna Ritz and Mr. Carl Romero 
  • Fee: $220
WW-P Leadership Camp 2.0 is limited to participants who have already completed a week of WW-P Leadership Camp in the summer of 2015, or who are registered for a week of WW-P Leadership Camp for summer 2016 (If plan on registering for both programs at the same time you must register in person).
Camp will strive to develop leaders at all levels by focusing on developing listening and communication skills, and by learning how to engage and collaborate with others to accomplish goals.  Campers will participate in a variety of activities geared toward active listening, being persuasive, and cross-cultural communication.  At younger ages, campers learn the basic techniques of communication such as making and maintaining eye contact, speaking in clear concise sentences, and how to extend their hand for a solid handshake.  Older campers will be exposed to more sophisticated techniques.  They will learn how to think on their feet when confronted with unusual or unexpected situations, they will learn what context is and how the context of any situation can work for them or against them, but far beyond this, students will learn how to use their personalities to influence those around them.  Once communication parameters have been established, campers will learn how to use those skills to accomplish goals.  They will learn skills like benchmarking, empowering others, building consensus and forging partnerships.  Campers will learn contemporary leadership styles and will be given opportunities to practice these newly learned skills.  
Camp is only open to teens entering grades 6-12. Registering ineligible children will result in removal from program and no refund. 

Financial Assistance is NOT available for this program.


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