Administration - 2017 Goals

  • Continue Eye on Plainsboro shows on local government access channel to provide meaningful information and program outreach for Township residents
  • Finalize contracts for the Township’s four collective bargaining units
  • Implement a new Employee Recognition Program and continue Employee Wellness Program series
  • Complete a new Human Resource Procedures manual
  • Develop a New Hire Opportunities page to expedite the onboarding process and include benefits information on the Township website
  • Ensure that employees are enrolled appropriately in benefit programs in a timely manner and removed promptly when eligibility ceases
  • Complete administration network server upgrade  
  • Continue planning work with the Police Department in developing an off-site dispatch center for Emergency Management (implementation 2018)  
  • Complete implement of new housing/escrow, building, tax assessment and time and attendance software modules designed by GovPilot