DEMOCRACY DEBATE 4.0 global problem solvers

Camp information

  • Grades: Boys and girls in upcoming grades 7-12 for the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Location: Online
  • Dates: Aug 10 - Aug 14
  • Time: 10:00 am - 1:45 pm
  • Staff: Director: Mike Jackson, M.A. Curriculum, Instruction and Supervision; Community Middle School Social Studies/U.S. History Teacher, Princeton University Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Rider University Practicum in Education Mentor Teacher, Former World History Teacher & Lead Pilot Teacher of the 8th Grade Global Challenge -- awarded “Best Practice in Education” at the United Nations; Published Co-Author of “They’re Doing it in Social Studies ...Because They Have a Voice” on Teaching Controversial issues via Switch-Side Debate & Democratic Discussion: WW-P District Strategic Planning Team; Trenton Times & Trentonian “Coach of the Year”
  • Fee: $150
  • Residency: No residency restrictions.


Global Problem Solvers is making its WORLD PREMIER this summer as a BRAND NEW and ENTIRELY UNIQUE CONCEPT in the recreational summer camp community. Global Problem Solvers is limited to participants who have already completed a week of Debate & Mock Trial Camp 2.0 and/or 3.0 Model Congress in any previous summer; currently registered for a week of Debate & Mock Trial Camp 2.0 and/or 3.0 Model Congress for the summer of 2020; or incoming 9th & 10th Graders (exempt from the prerequisite of attending Debate & Mock Trial 2.0)

Each Camper/Global Ambassador will need a laptop, desktop, chromebook or tablet compatible with Zoom & Google Classroom. All debate & problem-solving resources will be located in Google Classroom. Whole group Assembly floor meetings will take place on Zoom and small-group breakout lessons and work sessions will take place in Zoom breakout “rooms” and/or Google Hangouts. It is required and essential that each camper have a device that is charged or plugged-in and that there is reliable wifi or an ethernet connection available. 

Similar to Model Congress 3.0, Global Problem Solvers 4.0 is Democracy Debate’s MOST advanced program  Like Model Congress, Global Problem Solvers will feature a lightning-fast pace and designed to move beyond advanced-level debate into problem-solving, and diplomacy = essential skills for Model UN (United Nations)! This is your Gifted & Talented Camp for International Diplomacy. Students will continue to receive direct instruction, practice, and feedback in the use of rhetoric = literary devices such as stealing thunder, repetition, parallelism, analogies, and metaphors. Debaters and Model UN participants will hone their radar and be rewarded with competition points for recognizing overly-biased research & spin, as well as calling opponents out for the use of logical fallacies such as faulty cause & effect, illogical leaps, haphazard generalizations, “slippery slope” arguments, “apples to oranges” comparisons/metaphors, and “straw man” arguments. These sophisticated communication tools -- coupled with the awareness of verbal combat trickery will not only will take the debates in this camp to a higher level of sophistication -- it will also lay the foundation for eloquent and persuasive communication that transcends debate to empower a range of discourse such as oral presentation/thesis defense, documentary film-making, Mock Trial, Model Congress, and Model United Nations.

The week will kick-off immediately with a competitive Debate tournament. However, after each round of competition, Global Problem Solvers 4.0 campers will move beyond the switch-side debate format - an important step that allows participants to understand and empathize with both polarized perspectives - but not the best means of negotiation and problem-solving. After each debate round, 4.0 campers will engage in Democratic Discussion that will challenge our active Global Citizens to move beyond the simplified, binary, this-OR-that perspective-taking of two-sided debate, toward a more dynamic and intellectually rigorous process -- one that will require combing through the issue’s nuanced layers and grey areas to find common ground instead of focusing on polarizing differences. Our 4.0 International Diplomats will discover that compromise, negotiation, and solutions typically originate within this highly evolved discourse.

Global Problem Solvers 4.0 will culminate with a formal and festive Model United Nations experience in the Plainsboro Recreation & Cultural Center. Small-group delegation teams representing different Nations around the world will be judged not only on how well they compete to be the best problem-solvers but also how well they collaborate with other delegation teams to merge solutions and recruit support -- just like they do in the United Nations! Our young citizen-leaders will be solving problems related to current, red hot topics and addressing pressing questions such as, “How can the United Nations and GMO’s (Global Monetary Organizations) generate and maintain macro-economic solutions to end trade wars between nations such as the U.S. and China?” –and- “How can each nation balance industrialization and global preservation via sustainable solutions to the climate change crisis?” Campers will have choice and a democratic process will determine which resolutions the Model United Nations prioritizes to debate on the floor of the United Nations. Students will be placed into smaller subsets/committees of delegations based on their interests & preferences. The solutions our campers generate in this camp setting will NOT be artificial or hypothetical. They will be real solutions that could potentially evolve into a sponsored proposals to the United Nations or the G7 Summit. We expect local press and possibly wider-reaching media outlets to cover the important initiatives attempted by our active citizens-in-training. At Global Problem Solvers 4.0, we strive to accomplish nothing short of training Global Citizens who will eventually protect democracy worldwide and ultimately save the planet earth from environmental and/or economic disasters! We are training Super-Global-Citizens to be nothing short of Planet Earth & Human Life-Saving Super-Heroes!

Staff to camper ratio: 1 to 8

Financial Assistance is not available.

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