Firearms ID Instructions


Firearms Application Procedures

Firearms ID cards/permit applications will now be processed online. You must however appear at the Police Department located at 641 Plainsboro Road between the hours of 8:30 and 1:00, Monday through Friday to pay associated fees and to pick up required documents in order to begin the online process.   

**Please be advised that your application WILL NOT be processed until you have PAID for the FID Card/Pistol Permits.  Non-refundable payment is required to be made prior to the completion of the background as per NJAC 13:54-1.4.**

All first time applicants MUST be fingerprinted. The fingerprint process will be completed by IndentoGo (Morpho Trust). This information and appointment form will be provided upon the submission of your properly completed firearms application.

Current Fees:

Firearms ID Card - $5.00

Pistol Purchase Permits - $2.00

**Please note that In order to apply for a firearms purchase permit you must currently have a Firearms ID card with a Plainsboro address or simultaneously apply for an Initial Firearms ID card / Change of Address.  **

Please direct all questions to Leigh Ann Roberts via email 

**UPDATE**  Effective July 6, 2020

Due to prevent the spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus

Visitors must wear a mask in the municipal building.

Maintain at least 6 feet distance between employees and visitors

Only 1 visitor is allowed at office counters at any time.  Please do not bring any guests with you.

If you are feeling ill, caring for an acutely sick family member, come into contact with an acutely sick individual, or have COVID symptoms.  PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING