Building Division

Brian K. Miller, Construction Official
Phone: 609-799-0909 ext. 1201 
Fax: 609-799-8831

Nancy Allen, Technical Assistant, ext. 1203
Karen Cassel, Secretary, ext. 1202

Subcode Offcials/Inspectors:
Anthony Scelsa, Building Subcode Official/Fire Inspector, ext. 1211
Scott O'Donnell, Plumbing Subcode Official, ext. 1207
Mark Juliano, Electrical Subcode Official/Plumbing Inspector, ext. 1209
Brian Miller, Fire Subcode Official ext. 1201

Ira Matthews, Fire/Building Inspector, ext. 1204

Peter Buchanan, Electrical Inspector, ext. 1206



The division administers and enforces the New Jersey State Uniform Construction Code (UCC) by:

• Reviewing applications for compliance with the UCC.

• Processing applications for permits for new and existing buildings and related structures such as fences, decks, pools, etc.

• Conducting inspections to insure compliance and issuing certificates of occupancy or approval.

The Permit Application Process

Inspections: Inspections can be scheduled by calling the Building Division at least 24 hours before the inspection is desired. The scheduling of the inspection is contingent upon the demands for that particular day.

Certificates: There are several types of certificates regulated by the Uniform Construction Code:

• New buildings, building additions, and altered spaces require a Certificate of Occupancy.

• The Construction Official may issue a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy provided the building may be occupied safely prior to full completion without endangering health or safety.

• Buildings that have been renovated or altered will be issued a Certificate of Approval certifying that work has been completed in accordance with the provisions of the code.

Building Codes - This link contains technical codes contained in the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code and enforced by the Plainsboro Building Division.