Emergency Management - Emergency Supply Kit

Food and Water

Clothing and Bedding

General Supplies
ABC Type Fire Extinguisher Aluminum Foil
Can Opener
Cash, Travelers Checks, Credit Cards
Battery Powered Radio Compass
Duct Tape Extra Batteries
Extra set of car keys Feminine Supplies
Flashlight Hard-wired phone
Hygiene items (toothbrush & toothpaste, waterless soap) Household Documents (stored in a waterproof container)
Household Bleach Identification
Kitchen items (paper cups, plates, plastic utensils, paper towels) Sanitation items (toilet paper, plastic bucket with lid, disinfectant)
Local map Masking tape
Matches and/or lighter Multipurpose knife
Paper,pen and/or pencil Plastic garbage bags and ties
Signal Flare Small Shovel
Plastic sheeting Scissors
Small insulated cooler (for medications, etc.) Tools for shutting off utilities (pliers, wrench, screw driver)


First Aid Kit
Tweezers Scissors
Needle and Thread Antibiotoc cream
Latex gloves Cleansing agent/soap
Laxative Antacid
Vitamins Prescription medications
Non-prescription medications Hard-wired phone
Instant cold pack (for medical purposes and keeping medication cold) Antiseptic or Hydrogen Peroxide
Anti-diarrhea medication Emetic (to induce vomiting)
Asprin or non-asprin pain reliever Elastic non-adhesive bandages
Gauze pads Sterile roll of bandages
Tongue depressors Hypoallergenic adhesive tape
Butterfly bandages Sterile adhesive bandages (in assorted sizes)


Special Needs Items
Baby formula/food Baby medications
Baby wipes Bottles
Diapers Powdered Milk
Activities Contact Lenses
Denture Needs Durable Medical Equipment (walker, cane, commode)
Extra Eyeglasses Games
Pet Foods and Supplies Playing Cards/Books
Prescription Medications Reading Materials


Supplementary Kits

Car Kit
The following items should be kept in your car in the event of an emergency, as you may have to shelter in your car.
Battery Powered Radio

Booster Cables

Screwdriver Plyers
Flares Flashlight
Extra Batteries Local Maps
Extra Clothing (Long pants, Long sleeved shirt, Sturdy shoes/boots) Sleeping bag and/or blanket
First Aid Kit Bottled Water
Non-perishable foods (Store food in plastic containers, plastic bags, or coffee cans) Essential Medications
Paper and pen/pencil Waterless Soap
Disposable Handwipes Paper Towels
Emergency Contact Card  


Kid Kit
Have your children gather together a few items they enjoy and store them in a backpack or small suitcase.

Choose items that can be shared with all family members and other children.



Markers Puzzles
Scissors Glue
Paper and pens/pencils Coloring/Activity books
Stuffed Animal Toy(s)
Board Games Surprise Item
Photos of family and pet Emergency Contact Card