Fall Leaf Collection

Leaves are collected from late October-early November through mid-December, weather permitting.  Leaves should be raked to the curb and be no closer than 10 feet to any storm drain inlet: other materials such as grass clippings, branches, soil, etc should not be mixed with leaves.  If these materials are included the leaves will not be picked up. Leaves can be placed curbside for collection no earlier than seven (7) days prior to a scheduled collection.  

Section 1:  October 20th through October 31st; November 17th through December 5th
Beechtree Lane; Brentwood/Shallow Brook Estates; Cypress Court, George Davison Road; Mapleton Road; Perrine Road; Princeton Collection; Princeton Crossing; Princeton Manor; Serina Drive; Woodland Drive.

Section 2:  November 3rd through November 14th; December 8th through December 12th*
Brookside Court; Cooks Corner; Cranbury Neck Road; Dey Road; Eiker Road; Gentry; Grovers Mill Estates; Grovers Mill Road; Heritage Way; Mayfarth Terrace; Millstone Court, Nostrand Road; Okeson Street; Petty Road; Plainsboro Road; Pollack Court; Ponds End; Scotts Corner Road; Stults Drive; Sullivan Street; Village area; Walker Gordon Estates.

*Dates are weather permitting