Hazardous Household Waste Disposal

The Middlesex County Division of Solid Waste Management provides county residents the opportunity to dispose of hazardous household items (such as drain cleaner, kerosene, paint thinner, etc) five (5) times a year. Disposal of the items is free. The waste must be left in the original container with the label intact and should not be greater than ten (10) gallons. Additionally, only residential waste will be accepted; commercial or industrial waste will not be accepted.

Information on dates, locations and the items that are accepted is available at the divisions website, or by calling the Middlesex County Division of Solid Waste at 732-745-4170.

Sunday March 18th  Middlesex County College, Edison
Saturday May 19th  North Brunswick at the County Division of Highways
Sunday July 15th  Old Bridge Public Works
Saturday September 15th  Woodbridge Public Works
Sunday November 18th  Middlesex County College, Edison

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.     FREE OF CHARGE!

This collection is free of charge to Middlesex County residents only (drivers’ license proof required).  Residential waste ONLY—no waste from commercial or industrial sources.  If you are unsure how to transport items safety, please call 732-745-4170.

What to bring:  Aerosol paint cans, lighter fluid, fluorescent light bulbs, thermometers, paint thinner, oil-based paint, latex paints, stains/varnishes, adhesives, antifreeze, car batteries, used motor oil, gas/oil mix, used oil filters, brake fluid, propane tanks, drain cleaners, photographic chemicals, pesticides/herbicides, pool chemicals.  Residents bringing asbestos-contained material MUST pre-register by calling 732-745-4170.

What not to bring:  Tires, explosives and munitions, infectious waste, unknowns, empty containers.  Call if you have any questions about other items.

For more details:  Call Plainsboro Public Works: 609-799-0099; Middlesex County at 732-745-4170.