Doing Business with Plainsboro

Plainsboro Township purchases a variety of products and services to support its facilities and programs.  As a public entity, the township is required to comply with numerous state regulations regarding purchasing because of the high level of scrutiny involved with the use of public funds.  Plainsboro strives to be compliant with all applicable laws and statutes throughout the purchasing process while promoting full, free, fair, open competition.  As an equal opportunity employer, the Township encourages all vendors including small and minority owned businesses to respond to the township’s needs for goods and services.

Please note: State law requires that all vendors who receive payment above $5,400 annually from the township, must have a New Jersey Business Registration Certificate. Vendors can secure this certificate from the New Jersey Department of Treasury, Division of Revenue.

Purchasing Guidelines
There are several guidelines the township follows when the need to purchase goods and services arises.  They are based on the type of good or service and thresholds related to dollar amounts (or cost).

Professional Services
In some cases, a Request for Proposals (RFP) may be utilized for the procurement of specialized professional services.  Similar to bids, the township publishes a newspaper advertisement notifying potential vendors of the type of services required.  RFP packets will be distributed to interested parties upon request.  Similar to bids, RFP’s are opened and read aloud at the date, time and location specified in the advertisement.  One main difference in the evaluation of RFP’s compared to bids is that with an RFP, evaluations can be made considering price and other factors.  Like bids, RFP’s are analyzed and submitted to the Plainsboro Township Committee for award with a recommendation from township staff.

State Contracts
The township often purchases from state contract vendors.  The New Jersey Department of Treasury, Division of Purchase and Property uses their buying power to secure prices from vendors on a variety of goods and commodities. Click state contracts to bid on or review state contract prices.

Contacting the Purchasing Office

Hours:        Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Phone:       609-799-0909 extension 1406
                  Messages left outside of regular hours will be returned as soon as possible. 
Location:    Municipal Center, 641 Plainsboro Road Please call the Purchasing Office prior to coming to insure that someone will be available.

Vendors are requested to make the Purchasing Office their first point of contact.  When appropriate, they will arrange contacts with other departments.