Emergency Management - Pet Preparedness

All family members, even your pets, should be prepared for any emergency event. Your emergency supply kit should include all of your pet's needs.

Since evacuation shelters generally do not accept pets, other than special needs animals, call in advance to animal shelters, hotels, motels, or a friend/relative outside of your area in order to check policies or to make arrangements for your pet's shelter.

If your pet is sheltered at home, confine your pet to one area, leave an adequate supply of food and water, and place a note on your front door to alert emergency personnel. The note should include owner's name, pet's name, type of pet, and location of pet.

For smaller pets, such as snakes, hamsters, ferrets, etc., be sure to place your name and contact information on cage.

Remember all dogs and cats must have current rabies vaccination and be licensed in the town where the animal resides.

Pet Supplies for Emergencies
Medications Medical Records
Pet First Aid Book Sturdy Leash
Current Photo of Pet Grooming items
Manual can opener Food and Water Bowls
Plastic Trash Bags Pet toys
Pet Bed, pillow and/or blanket Name of veternarian
Pet ID (make sure your pet is wearing current tags or other identifying information) Information on pet schedules (feeding, walking, medication etc.)
Pet carrier large enough to comfortably transport pet Information on pet's behavior
Food and water for three days Cat litter and litter box.