Tax Payment Guidelines

It is quite often necessary to return checks written incorrectly.  These errors can result in delays that may cause interest to be charged for late payments. By following the pointers listed below, we hope some of these most common errors can be avoided.

•Ensure the amount written out matches the amount in the number box! The most common error!
•Make sure your check is signed! Also, check the date!
Payment can be made by direct debit method, or credit card.  For more information, you can call the Tax Office at the numbers shown above.

There is a ten-day grace period.  Payments received after the grace period will be charged interest back to the due date.   We do not accept postmarks.

The Tax Office can send you an e-mail reminder to pay your quarterly tax payments.  If you are interested, click here to sign-up. Opt-in for Tax Bill Reminders. Please do not postdate your checks.  All checks will be deposited immediately. If you require a receipt for your payment, please send the entire bill and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

If you have new construction or have made alterations to your structure, you may receive an added Assessment bill in October 2015.  The bill will be prorated from the date of completion through December 31, 2015.  The payment will be in addition to your November 2015, February 2016, and May 2016 tax bills.  Therefore, you will have more than one bill to pay in November 2015, February 2016, and May 2016.

We have a TAX DROP BOX in the MUNICIPAL BUILDING located in the stairwell at the POLICE ENTRANCE.  This is for before or after hour check payments only.  We cannot be responsible for any cash deposited into this box.

If you are a Veteran or a Senior Citizen and have questions about a deduction, please call the Tax Office to see if you are eligible.

If you no longer own this property, please forward the bill to the new owner or return it to this office.  If you receive a copy marked, “THIS IS NOT A BILL.  FOR ADVICE ONLY”, our records indicate that a mortgage company is responsible for payment of your property taxes.

New Bank/Mortgage Company Information Change Form