Municipal Court

Court Sessions

Court sessions are held every Wednesday at 9 a.m. via zoom. Please read the back of your ticket as it will give you most of the information you will need to process your ticket.


Municipal courts have limited jurisdiction; all traffic violations, driving while intoxicated, disorderly person crimes are handled in Municipal Court. The Municipal Court also handles violations of fish and game, boating laws and all municipal ordinance violations of Plainsboro and Cranbury Townships.

Lawyer Referral Services

A lawyer referral service is available through The Middlesex County Bar Association. Call the Middlesex County Bar Lawyer Referral Service at 732-828-0053


New Jersey Judiciary Records Request Form
Financial Questioner to Establish Indigency.   Please save once completed and email to the court
Municipal Court Appeal
Incarcerated Defendant Request for Relief Form
Instructions and Forms for Expungements of Arrest or Charge Records

Important Note

If you plan to plead "not guilty" to a ticket (summons) that is not checked "court required" you must call the court office in advance to schedule your court appearance.