9/11 Memorial Park

On September 11, 2001 Plainsboro lost 4 residents in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. The 9/11 Memorial Park was built with donations from the community in memory of Robert Devitt, Jeffrey Fox, James Potorti and Suresh Yanamadala.

The memorial is located next to the Wicoff House (the Plainsboro Museum) and the Veterans Memorial. Read the inscriptions on the dedication plaque and the 4 memorials.

Memorial Plaque Inscription
We Remember September 11, 2001
“On a morning so indescribably beautiful that time stopped, terror came from the cloudless sky. In blinding flashes it ripped from our grasp our family, our friends, our colleagues, and our innocence. Our pain was beyond bearing. The senselessness immeasurable. Our grief incalculable. But even as the rubble smoldered, hope rose from the debris and ash. Our pain would lessen. Landmarks would be rebuilt. Life would continue. And though our losses would be forever, so would our memories.” - Bill Hart We Will Not Forget Them
9-11 Memorial Park