Registration Information


Registration opens Monday, March 6, 2023. Registration can be done online and in the Recreation and Cultural Center. Registration is accepted on a space available, first-come, first-served basis and by full session only. Your registration and space in a program is not confirmed until payment is made. You are always emailed a receipt when you complete a transaction; this confirms you registered properly. The registration program, ActiveNet, allows you to set up your own user account using an email address and password. Your account allows you to see all camps you have registered for, view schedules, get receipts, and be updated on all camp information. User accounts must be set-up by an adult. Some camps are open to non-residents (see individual camp descriptions for details).


Please note that the Recreation Department cannot separate forms of payment and fees paid in person must be paid using cash or check only and not a combination. Also, if paying by check for one or more camps, please bring multiple checks as the transaction fee is payable to Plainsboro Township, and camp fees may be payable to one or more agencies.

Full payment required with registrations with the exception of financial assistance.  There is a $2.75 transaction fee applied to EVERY transaction. When paying online, you will also incur a 5.8% credit card convenience fee. You may also pay in person via cash or check to avoid the 5.8% convenience fee.

Fees are NOT pro-rated for absences, family vacations, or for coordination with other programs.  


It is the responsibility of the parent to maintain records of payment for tax purposes or employer reimbursement.


Grade levels refer to upcoming school year.


Plainsboro Rec and Pre-K Camps offer a discounted rate to those who register through May 15. No discounts apply for programs after May 15.


If your child is bringing medication to camp (prescription or over the counter), you will need to have your child’s doctor complete a Medication Policy and Authorization form. Children must be able to self administer medication except at Plainsboro Rec Camp where nurse is on staff. Click on the below link for the form.  

Email Communication

Our office will use the email address provided during registration to communicate important camp changes and information. It is your responsibility to read such communications.

Financial Assistance

Tuition assistance is available for Pre-K, Plainsboro Rec Camp, and school year extended day program to income-eligible residents of Plainsboro only. Deadline to apply for tuition assistance is May 5, 2023. A non-refundable application fee of $25 per family is required to apply for day camp assistance.

Financial aid is also available for academic camps for children living in the West Windsor-Plainsboro School District. These camps require a $10 non-refundable application fee per child/per camp to apply for assistance. The fee paid for either application may be credited towards the program fee if a camp spot is utilized. Those filing for financial assistance should register for summer programs as early as possible and must come in person to register. Space will be held in the program pending a decision on the scholarship award.

Financial Assistance Forms


Requests must be made in writing - amount determined by the number of days prior to the start of the program that notification is received. Percentage calculated on amount paid excluding deposit, non-refundable portion, and credit card fees. Refunds will be processed through the Recreation and Community Services office and will not be applied back to your credit card. Requests received with 5 days or less notification will only be granted for an emergency with documentation. Note: Refunds processed by Plainsboro Township may take up to 8 weeks. Refunds from WWP North Athletic Camps and Recreational Arts are processed at the end of summer. Application fees are non-refundable. Refunds are not given for absences, family vacations, or for coordination with other programs.
  • 30+ days - 75% refund
  • 15 - 29 days - 50% refund
  • 6 - 14 days - 25% refund
  • 0 - 5 days - no refund

Program Cancellation

The Township reserves the right to cancel programs. A full refund will be made.

Arrival & Departure

There is no transportation to or from camp programs. Neither the Township nor the school district assumes responsibility for children outside of program hours. Families requiring additional care must be enrolled in the West Windsor Plainsboro Community Education (WWPCE) Pre/Post Camp Care Program (separate registration with WWPCE required.) Parents must inform Plainsboro staff that their child is arriving from pre-camp and/or departing to post camp.
  • Arrival - Summer programs are not “drop-in” programs nor are they day care services. Programs have planned activities that commence after attendance is taken. Therefore, parents who arrive late with their child may have to wait with their child until a staff member is available for sign-in. No child may be dropped off without a parent (or authorized adult) signature.
  • Departure - Please note the ending time of your child’s camp. A 15 minute grace period is given for pick-up. Parents who show up after the grace period will be charged a late fee. See “Additional Fees."

Additional Fees

  • Fees must be paid to Recreation and Community Services office prior to child’s first day of camp or prior to dropping your child off at camp the next day. If you owe a fee, your child will not be accepted into camp until your fee has been paid.
  • Session Changes $25/per child each occurrence
  • Late Payment $25 surcharge
  • Late Pick-Up After 15 minute grace period, fees apply as listed: 
(Due to office prior to next day of camp)
    • First offense - documented verbal warning (if the parent is less than 30 minutes late. If parent is 30 or more minutes; late fees will automatically apply even for the first offense.)
    • 1 to 15 minutes $15
    • 16 to 30 minutes $25
    • 30+ minutes - $50

Emergency Procedures

If a child shows signs of serious illness or has received an injury that requires more than basic first aid, the camp director or camp nurse (if camp has one) will contact the Rescue Squad immediately. Child will be transported to a medical facility if the responding emergency personnel deems it necessary. Parents (or emergency contact if parents are unavailable) will be contacted as soon as possible, and will be advised of where to meet their child.

In less serious cases, parents will be contacted directly only if a child needs to be picked-up early due to illness or injury.

Suspension & Removal From the Program

Suspension or warning will be given for the following instances based on the severity of the situation and prior behavior problems
  • Profane, vulgar, offensive, or foul language
  • Jeopardizing his/her own safety or the safety of others due to aggressive actions or failure to follow staff directions
A “zero tolerance” policy for the activities listed below (automatic suspension):
  • Criminal (juvenile delinquent) activity (including but not limited to false alarms, bringing tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or other illegal substances or weapons to camp, malicious mischief, stealing). The police department will automatically be contacted.
  • Vandalism or damaging equipment or facilities
  • Fighting

Removal From the Program

  • Unacceptable or egregious behavior is exhibited repeatedly
  • Unacceptable or egregious behavior involves more serious criminal (juvenile delinquent) activity (including but not limited to causing serious injury to others, violent behavior). The police department will automatically be contacted.

Campers with Special Needs

Reasonable accommodations will be made for campers with special needs. Parents are required to make full disclosure at time of registration regarding their child’s health, impairment of physical/mental abilities, and other special needs/conditions that may affect participation in camp activities. Determination of our ability to accommodate special needs will be made during registration process. Children who have an aide in school are required to bring an aide to camp.

Photo Policy

Photos may be taken to be used by the Township or invited media, in print and/or electronic media. If you do not wish your child to be included in such photographs, you must submit this request in writing to the Recreation and Community Services office at least 1 week prior to the start of your child’s camp.