Plainsboro Village Center

Plainsboro Village, the original settlement in the center of town, with buildings dating from the 18th century, is benefiting from controlled growth and the preservation of the Village’s historic character. The Village Center area includes Main Street improvements along a portion of Schalks Crossing Road and the adjoining and complementary mixed use Village Center project being developed by Sharbell Development Corporation.

Site Information
The Village Center site contains approximately 17 acres. Those 17 acres are divided into separate parcels by a modified-grid street network serving the residential and non-residential uses in the project, in addition to Market Square, the 0.5 acre traditional village green at the center of the project, and parking lots around the site.

The Village Center contains 11 single family and 12 townhouse dwellings, along with 8 rental apartments located on the second and third floors of one of the buildings facing Market Square.
Plainsboro Village Shopping Center
Commercial Space
The Village Center also includes 110,000 square feet of commercial/retail/office space, in addition to the new 34,000 square feet Plainsboro Township Library located at the east end of Market Square.

Streetscape Improvements
In addition to attractive streetscape improvements (e.g., crosswalk treatment, benches, trash receptacles, bike storage, directional signage), the Village Center project includes a comprehensive business signage program to ensure a variety of high quality sign options for Village Center businesses.