01-19-21 PB Agenda





Plainsboro township PLANNING board


Date:    Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Time:    6:00 PM


Place:   Due to the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic the Planning Board meeting will be held electronically.  Instructions on how to

            access the meeting are below and will also be posted on the Planning and Zoning meeting agenda page on the Township website.                                                                         https://www.plainsboronj.com/839/Meeting-Agendas           


If any member of the public would like to submit comments or question in writing, they may do so via email to 

planningandzoning@plainsboronj.com  or mail to Plainsboro Township, c/o Department of Planning and Zoning,

641 Plainsboro Road, Plainsboro, NJ  08536, no later than 4 pm the day prior to the meeting.




Call to order and Certification of Compliance with Notice Requirements.



 1. Reorganization:


Election of Officers:                          Chairman




Resolutions of Appointment:              Attorney

                                                Planning Consultant



Chairman Appointments:                   Development Review Committee

                                                Environmental Advisory Committee

                                                Master Plan Sub-Committee

                                                Shade Tree Advisory Committee


Meeting Dates, Times, and Places:     Draft Schedule Attached


Official Newspapers:                         Home News Tribune, The Trenton Times, and The Princeton Packet


Resolution:                                      Adopting Remote Public Meeting Procedures and Requirements

  2. Review of Minutes                              Meeting of October 19, 2020   

  3. Application P20-11                              Firmenich, Inc. Security Improvements

                                                  Minor Site Plan

                                                  Block 1703, Lot 4

                                                     a. Application 

                                                     b. Plans

                                                     c. Reports

                                                     d. Marked Exhibits

                                                     e. List of proposed Witnesses

                                                     f.  PB Review Memo

                                                     g. DRAFT Resolution


  4. Application P20-12                              West Windsor Plainsboro School District High School North Addition 

                                                              Capital Improvement

                                                  Block 1902, Lot 23

                                                     a. Application

                                                     b. Plans

                                                     c. Reports

                                                     d. Marked Exhibits

                                                     e. List of proposed Witnesses

                                                     f. PB Review Memo

                                                     g. DRAFT Resolution


Additions, deletions, or order of this agenda may change without further notice.


To access meeting materials:

            1.  All meeting materials will be available online via a hyperlink on the Planning and Zoning meeting agenda page of the Township website.                             https://www.plainsboronj.com/839/Meeting-Agendas

      2.  Any member of the public who does not have internet access, may obtain a hard copy of the meeting materials by calling the Planning                    and Zoning Department at 609-799-0909 extension 1502 to coordinate the mailing of hard copies.


To join virtual meeting by URL:

            1.  Click the link to open the meeting.  If logging in for the first time, follow the prompts to download the app.


      2. If prompted, type in the Meeting ID Number 115 945 3462.

           3.   You will be put in a Waiting Room.  The Host will admit you when the meeting begins.

           4.   Please identify yourself when entering the meeting by adding your name to the screen. 

                           a) Add your name by going to the top right-hand corner and clicking the “Rename” option                                                

           5.    Once entered you will be muted.  The Host will unmute you when it is time for public comment.  

                            a) We ask that you remain muted during the presentation to minimize the background noise.

                                     1. To ask a question go to the participants' page at the bottom of the screen and click on the "Raise Hand"

                                         option on the top right-hand corner. 


To join by phone:

  1. Dial phone number: +1 (856) 807-0288 (US Toll) or +1 (469) 646-0381.
  2. Follow Prompt to enter Meeting ID Number 115 945 3462
  3. Once entered you may be muted.  To unmute yourself please use the *6 when the Planning Board Chair opens the public comment portion of the meeting.  Please identify yourself before asking your question.

Or to join by iPhone one-tap:

            +18568070289,,1159453462# (US Toll)

            +14696460381,,1159453462# (US Toll)


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