What rules apply to placing a fence on my residential property?
Fences are allowed in the front, side, and rear yards of most residential properties. In the front yard (corner lots have 2 front yards), fences are limited to 3 feet in height; in the side and rear yards they are limited to 6 feet in height. The finished side of a fence must be positioned to face neighboring properties and the street, as applicable. Fences may be placed on the property line between 2 lots; no setback is required. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to locate the property lines and install the fence either along or just inside the property lines on their property.

Fences can not be located within an easement area on a property (easements are often shown on property survey maps). In addition to the fence standards in Chapter 62 of the Township Code, certain residential developments have specific fence standards that were approved as part of the residential development involved. In such cases, additional restrictions may apply. All fences, except for 8 feet tall safety fences, do not require a building permit, only zoning approval by Department of Planning and Zoning.

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