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Fire Prevention

  1. Application for Fire Safety Permit

    Use this form to apply for a Fire Safety permit without online pay.

  2. Fire Prevention Registration

    Use this form to update your registration information without paying online.

  3. Fire System Out of Service

    Use this form to advise this office that your fire protection system will be out of service.

  1. Application for Fire Safety Permit with Payment Option

    Use this form to apply for a fire safety permit with payment option.

  2. Fire Prevention Registration with Payment Option

    Use this form to update your annual registration and pay your annual Fire Prevention fee invoices online.

General Forms

  1. Contact Us Form

    Use this form to contact select departments or officials in Plainsboro.

  1. Customer Service Survey

    The Township of Plainsboro

Public Works

  1. Community Garden Waitlist

    Please, fill out this form if you want to be added to the Plainsboro Community Garden waitlist. Thank you.

  2. Recycling Container Request
  3. Streetlight Outtage
  1. Divisions
  2. Security Deposit - Community Garden 2022

Tax Assessor

  1. Request for 200' List

    Request for 200' list.

Township Clerk

  1. Community Service Form

    For Appointment to Boards or Committees

  2. License to Conduct Eating, Drinking and Food Handling Establishment Application
  1. Food & Beverage Vending Machine License Application

    For establishments containing vending machines dispensing food or food products, including beverages.

  2. Open Public Records Act Request Form