Academic Camps



Summer Academic Camps

The Township of Plainsboro will be working with WWP North Athletic Camps to not only offer exceptional sports camps, but also to offer Academic Camps with district teachers! We also work with Plainsboro Academic Camps, LLC. to offer different academic camps. Steam Works Studio will also be offering a variety of STEAM camps in collaboration with the Township this summer.  

Plainsboro Academic Camps, LLC. is a Limited Liability Corporation started by a teacher at WWP Community Middle School. This organization also gives back to the community and especially Plainsboro Senior Citizens. 
The West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North Athletic Camps Association (WWPHS/WWPHSNACA) is a not for profit organization consisting of present and former WWPHS North and Community Middle School Coaches who also happen to be District Teachers. The organization has decided to not only offer skill building camps that exercise the camper’s body, but also offer skill building camps that exercise the camper’s mind!

The WWPNACA is also committed to giving back to the local community through donations to the WWPHS North Athletic Teams, WWPHS North Physical Education Department, School Clubs, Plainsboro Food Pantry, and WWPNACA Scholarship Fund which provides a scholarship to two graduating seniors from WWPHS North each year.
Camps are open to residents of Plainsboro or West Windsor and children of Plainsboro based business employees. Most camps are also open to non-residents (see individual camp descriptions for details).  

See tabs on left for detailed camp information and to register. 

Camp Documents