Office of the Tax Assessor

Property Assessments

The Assessor works on behalf of Plainsboro Township under the direction of the New Jersey Division of Taxation and the Middlesex County Board of Taxation. The Assessor is charged annually with placing an assessed value on each property in Plainsboro. The assessment should reflect the properties full fair market value as of October 1st of the previous tax year, which is known as the valuation (or assessing) date. The values are determined after a careful analysis of property sales, cost data and income data.

The total value of all properties within the Township are then submitted to the Middlesex County Board of Taxation and are used to calculate a tax rate for each municipality within the County.

Tax Assessments

On or before February 1st of each tax year the Assessor mails to every property owner a card containing their assessment for the current tax year. If a property owner believes the value is incorrect they can request an appointment to review their assessment with the Assessor. If after the review, the property owner still feels the assessment is out of line with the true value of their property they may file an appeal by April 1 (PDF), with the Middlesex County Board of Taxation or if the property is assessed at or above $1,000,000 they may file the appeal directly with the Tax Court of New Jersey

Special Deductions

The Assessor’s Office also processes Senior Citizen Deductions for low income seniors, Veteran Deductions (PDF), Widow of a Veteran Deductions (PDF), and Exemptions for Permanently and Totally Disabled War Veterans (PDF). Applications can be obtained by clicking on the highlighted deduction, or by phone, by mail or in person at the Assessing or Collection office.

Property Sales Lists

The Assessor’s Office also maintains sales lists delineating all properties sold within the municipality by development and model. Tax maps are also available on our township maps page or by contacting the assessing office.
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