The Administrative Division of the Plainsboro Police Department includes the command staff and civilian administrative staff. The command staff includes the Chief of Police and 3 Lieutenants. The Lieutenants oversee the Administrative, Patrol and Special Services Divisions.

Command Staff

Chief Fred Tavener

Special Services - Lt. George Cier
Patrol - Lt. John Bresnen
Administration / Internal Affairs - Lt. Brett Olma

Civilian Personnel

There are 3 civilian positions under the command staff, and they include the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Public Safety, Records/Database Leader and Administrative Assistant I. These critical civilian personnel are responsible for supporting the agency in maintaining records, data management, and handling the volumes of paperwork associated with the police department.

Donna Mercier, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Public Safety, ext. 1607
Dolores Grau, Records / Database Leader, ext. 1608
Leigh Ann Roberts, Administrative Assistant I, ext. 1606