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Alarm Permit Application

  1. Plainsboro Township Police

    641 Plainsboro Road
    Plainsboro, NJ 08536
    Phone: 609-799-2333

  2. Type of Alarm System

  3. Emergency Contacts

    In case of alarm malfunction.

  4. Please Note

    A building permit may be required. Please check with Building Department on 799-090, ext. 2545.

  5. Note

    A permit fee of $10 for each residential unit and $25 for all other applicants shall accompany this application. If 2 separate systems or a single system with 2 separate functions is involved (i.e., burglar and fire), then separate fees shall be required for each such system or function (i.e., residential burglar ($10), fire ($10), burglar and fire ($20). There is no charge for panic or medical systems. In no instance shall this permit fee exceed $50. This is a 1-time fee. Mail form and check payable to Plainsboro Township to the address above.

  6. Permit Fees:

  7. Residential or Commercial

  8. Type of Alarm

  9. For Office Use Only:

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