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Police Department Community Questionnaire

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  2. The goal of the Plainsboro Township Police Department is to provide our citizens with courteous, professional, and efficient law enforcement services. We have prepared this questionnaire survey to give us a better understanding of the concerns of our community and how we can improve our service. Please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire.
  3. 2. Which of the following crimes and/or quality of life issues are affecting your neighborhood and require additional police attention?
  4. Vandalism
  5. Drug-related Offenses
  6. Theft
  7. Nuisances (ex. Noise Complaints)
  8. Other
  9. 3. Which of the following motor vehicle violations or traffic issues require additional police attention in Plainsboro?
  10. Speeding
  11. Traffic Signal / Stop Sign Violation(s)
  12. Aggressive Driving
  13. Distracted Driving
  14. Dangerous or confusing roads/intersections
  15. Other
  16. 4. What program(s) would you recommend the Plainsboro Police Department participate in?
  17. Crime Prevention and Education
  18. Motor Vehicle Safety and Education
  19. Community Outreach
  20. If you would like to speak with a Plainsboro Township Police Officer regarding an issue on this questionnaire, or another public safety concern, please provide your contact information below. To receive emergency electronic notifications, please visit and click the "Emergency Notifications" button to register.
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