Permit Application Process

Permit Requirements

A Building Permit is a certification to all interested parties that an applicant intends to do construction work of a type regulated. If an applicant is unsure about whether or not a permit is needed staff are available to help with the determination. Generally speaking, a permit is needed for:

  • Any new construction work
  • Additions to structures
  • Renovations or alterations affecting change of use, structure, or egress

Permits are also needed for maintenance items such as siding, roofing, window replacement where opening size is changed, and replacement of decks and balconies.

Application Package

The construction permit application consists of a manila jacket, Subcode technical sections, and 2 copies of plans for the work. In addition to the Building application information, a Zoning Compliance Form (PDF) application is required for work which will affect the property setbacks or the exterior of a building or structure. The Subcode technical Sections include Building, Fire, Plumbing, Electrical and, if applicable, Elevator.

Plans are required for most projects and must be prepared, signed and sealed by a licensed New Jersey Architect. However, in the case of a single-family residence the resident homeowners may prepare plans for their own use.

Forms & Applications