Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Single station carbon monoxide alarms shall be installed and maintained in the immediate vicinity of the sleeping area in all dwellings that contain a fuel-burning appliance or has an attached garage.

Follow these guidelines when installing alarms:

  • Carbon monoxide alarms shall be battery operated, hard-wired or of the plug-in type.
  • If installing an electrically operated device, the AC power source is required to be supplied from either a dedicated branch circuit or the unswitched portion of a branch circuit also used for power and lighting. Operation of a switch (other than a circuit breaker) or a ground-fault circuit interrupter is not permitted to cause loss of power to the alarm.
  • The alarm may be located on the wall, ceiling, or other location as specified in the manufacturer’s installation instructions. A visual alarm type carbon monoxide alarm shall be installed where a person resides who is deaf or hearing-impaired.
  • When a dwelling unit does not itself contain a fuel-burning appliance or have an attached garage and there is a dwelling unit on the floor above or below that has a fuel-burning appliance, a carbon monoxide alarm is required in the vicinity of the sleeping areas.