Rental Inspection Guidelines

This document is provided as a courtesy only to help you prepare for a rental inspection and does not preclude the citing of other sections of the Plainsboro Housing Ordinance.

v  Smoke alarms will be tested and interconnected alarms must all sound together.

    • Smoke alarms should be installed according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
    • NFPA 72 requires that smoke alarms be replaced every 10 years.
    • Smoke alarms to be installed at least three feet from any source of air movement or any bathrooms containing a tub or shower.

v  Carbon monoxide alarms are required to be in the immediate vicinity of all sleeping areas in all buildings that contain fuel-burning appliances, fireplaces or have attached garages. They shall be battery operated, hard-wired or of the plug-in type and installed on wall, ceiling or in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

v  Fireplace and/or wood burning stoves, if more than three (3) years old, must be certified safe for use by a qualified individual/business.

    • The Housing Certificate of Occupancy cannot be issued until this report is received.

v  Oil or gas furnaces must be inspected by a heating professional and certified safe for use. 

    • The Housing Certificate of Occupancy cannot be issued until this report is received.

v  Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) receptacles will be tested, if defective they must be replaced. These devices may be found in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, basements and outside.

v  A fire extinguisher is required in a townhouse or single-family home. It is not required in a condo. An approved listed and labeled type with a minimum rating of 2A-10B:C and no more than 10 pounds must be mounted in the kitchen and near an exit.

v  Unit must be vacant, clean and ready for re-occupancy at the time of inspection.

v  Bath mechanical ventilation fans must be operating and free of lint.

v  Furnace and kitchen range hood must have a clean filter and be in operable condition.

v  Interior flooring must be clean and replaced if in bad condition.

v  Interior painting must be in good condition.

v  All appliances must be clean inside and out and operable.

v  Electrical power must be on for the inspection.


Please make sure all the permits with the Building Division are inspected and closed.
If you are not sure, please contact the Building Division at (609) 799-0909 ext. 2545