Curbside Brush Collection

Brush Collection Policies

Plainsboro Public Works provides curbside brush collection for trimmings from trees and shrubs from March through October. Brush that will be picked up does not include:

  • Grass Clippings
  • Leaves
  • Roots
  • Stumps
  • Tree Logs
  • Any other type of debris
Unfortunately, any brush pile mixed with the above will not be collected and disposal becomes the responsibility of the homeowner.

Grass Clippings

Grass clippings may be disposed of at the Conservation Center located off of Grovers Mill Road during normal spring/summer hours.


When using this service, please follow these guidelines:
  • Stack brush length wise between the sidewalk and the curb. Please do not place brush in the street.
  • Branches should be no longer than 6 feet and no longer than 5 inches in diameter.
  • Brush should be ready on the first Monday of the designated month for pick up, but not sooner than 7 days prior to the scheduled start of pick up.

Collection Schedule

Plainsboro’s regular curbside brush collection schedule is as follows:

Section 1-April, June, August, October 

 Beechtree Lane, Beechwood Drive, Brentwood Lane, Bunting Court, Cardinal Drive, Chandler Court, Cottonwood Court, Cypress Court, Dennison Place, Elm Court, Falcon Court, George Davison Road, Goldfinch Court, Grace Court, Groendyke Lane, Gulick Lane, Hale Drive, Hamilton Lane N., Hamilton Lane S., Hickor Court, Holohan Drive, Keppel Road, Kinglet Drive N., Kinglet Drive S., Krebs Road, Louis Court, Mackenzie Lane, Mahogany Court, Major Lane, Mapleton Road, Marion Drive, Meadowlark Drive, Mershon Lane, Mockingbird Court, Oriole Court, Osprey Lane, Parker Road, Parker Road S., Partridge Court, Perrine Road, Pine Court, Poplar Drive, Quick Lane, Red Oak Drive, Redwood Court, Rush Court, Saylor Court, Schalks Crossing Road, Seminary Drive, Serine Drive, Silvers Lane, Simonson Drive, Spruce Court, Tanager Lane, Titus Lane, Walnut Court, Willow Court, Woodland Drive, Wyndhurst Drive, Wyndhurst North of Dey.

Section 2 – March, May, July, September

Adams Court, Alfalfa Circle, Allen Court, Amberly Road, Barley Court, Barlow Court, Barn Swallow Court, Barnyard Court, Birch Drive, Blossom Hill Drive, Bradford Lane, Brookside Court, Camas Drive, Clinton Court, Clydesdale Court, Colonial Court, Cooks Lane, Cranbury Neck Road, Daisy Court, Derry Meeting Road, Dey Road, Dickinson Court, Dogwood Drive, Drayton Lane, Dryer Court, Edgemere Avenue, Eiker Avenue, Elsie Drive, Farmhouse Drive, Franklin Drive, Gardenia Court, Grovers Mill Road, Handock Court, Harvest Drive, Hawthorn Drive, Heather Court, Heritage Way, Heron Court, Hilltown Court, Hummingbird Court, Jeffers Road, King Haven Court, Knight Drive E., Knight Drive W., Larkspur Drive, Linden Lane, Linden Lane S., Lovell Drive, Madison Drive, Maple Avenue, Marshall Court, Mayfarth Terrace, Meadow Drive, Mifflin Court, Millstone Court, Monroe Court, Narrowbrook Court, Nostrand Road, Okeson Street, Orchard Lane, Orchid Drive, Paddock Drive, Parkway Avenue, Pasture Lane, Petty Road, Plainsboro Road, Pollack Court, Pondview Road, Prospect Avenue, Railroad Avenue, Ruedemann Drive, Rutledge Court, Scotts Corner Road, Sherman Court, Silo Lane, Stanton Court, Stone Meadow Court, Stults Drive, Sullivan Street, Sycamore Drive, Trumbell Drive, Walker Gordon Drive, Webster Court, Wethersfield Road, Wheatsheaf Court, Windmill Court.

Residents not wishing to wait for their scheduled collection date can bring their brush to the conservation center during normal operating hours.