Remarriage & reaffirmation Licenses

A remarriage/reaffirmation is the re-registration of a marriage/civil union already licensed and registered in New Jersey or elsewhere.

Note: The remarriage/reaffirmation will not replace the original marriage/civil union license. If you and your partner were originally married AND remarried in Plainsboro Township, you MUST specify "marriage" or "remarriage" when requesting a certified copy of your vital record.



  • For a separate religious ceremony
  • If the wedding was held in a different country and the couple wishes to have it on file in New Jersey
  • Renewal of vows on a milestone anniversary
Note: Marriages performed legally and in compliance with local laws in a foreign country ARE legal marriages recognized in the United States. 

Marriage/Civil Union

  • Apply for a license in Plainsboro Township if . . .
  • Either applicant resides in Plainsboro and the ceremony will take place in New Jersey
  • Applicants reside outside of New Jersey, but the ceremony is taking place in Plainsboro

  • An appointment is needed
In order to schedule an appointment, you need to know when and where your ceremony will take place as well as who will be the officiant.

  • Check off either "Marriage" or "Civil Union"
Do NOT sign the application as it must be signed under oath, in the presence of the issuing authority. 
  • Check off either "Remarriage" or "Reaffirmation of Civil Union" 

  • Driver's license with current address
If neither identification displays the current address in Plainsboro Township, please have one of the items below ready to present physically or through the phone.
  • Utility Bill
  • Lease Agreement
  • Bank Statement

  • A witness who is 18 years of age or older

  • $28.00 fee payable by cash or money order

  • State mandatory 72-hour waiting period

  • No 72-hour waiting period. Licenses will be issued on the same day of the appointment. 

  • Must bring a certified copy of existing marriage/civil union certificate