Animal Licensing

New Jersey State law mandates that all dogs 6 months of age or older be licensed. If you are “Dog Sitting” for more than 90 days, a license must be obtained for the pet, whether or not the animal already has an existing license from another town. New Residents must license pets within 30 days of residency or a late fee is applicable. Proof of rabies vaccination must be submitted with the application.

According to State Regulation N.J.C.A. 8:23A, when licensing, the rabies vaccination immunity must extend through at least 10 months of the 12-month licensing period.

Rabies Information
Licenses cannot be issued if the rabies vaccination expires before November 1st of each year. If for any medical reason the animal cannot be vaccinated in the required time, form VPH-28 (Certificate of Exemption) must be completed by the veterinarian and submitted with the renewal form. Submit copy of spay/neuter certificate if applicable.

A Free Rabies clinic is scheduled during the month of November at the Plainsboro Public Works Garage. Dogs are scheduled from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and Cats are from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Owners must have large dogs securely leashed. Very small dogs and cats should be in a pet carrier. Please contact the office at 609-799-0909, ext. 2547 for the scheduled date. For the Middlesex County Rabies Schedule, please visit the county website.

Animal License Application (PDF)
Month Spayed/Neutered Non-Spayed/Neutered
January $13.20 $16.20
February $18.20 $21.20
March $23.20 $26.20
April $28.20 $31.20
May $33.20 $36.20
June $38.20 $41.20
July $43.20 $46.20
August $48.20 $51.20
September $53.20 $56.20
October $58.20 $61.20
November $63.20 $66.20
December $68.20 $71.20