Tow Service Costs

Tow Service Stations
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Towing and Storage Fee Schedule
Fees for towing and storage of private passenger vehicles, damaged in an accident, recovered after being stolen or impounded by police are set in accordance with the Vehicle Towing and Storage Act, N.J.S.A. 40:48-2.49.
  • The following is the fee schedule for towing and roadside services:
    • Any time of day or day of week: $115 per hour/per vehicle.
    • A cleanup fee of $45/vehicle will apply for clean up at the collision scene.
    • A fee for absorbent material for fluids on the roadways: $20/bag.
    • Roadside assists such as changing flat tires, jump starting a dead battery, lockouts, etc., will be charged a fee not to exceed $50.
    • Gas services shall not be included in this service. Pending roadway condition and safety concerns, a tow company has no obligation to perform such a service, but rather tow the vehicle to a safe location at the above-scheduled towing fee.
  • The following is the fee schedule for storage services. These fees shall commence at 12:01 a.m. on the day following the date of tow.
    • Fee for storage: $30 per day.
    • Miscellaneous services.
      • Release of vehicle other than normal hours: a flat rate of $30.
      • Yard service fee (a one-time fee to cover the cost of handling the vehicle while in the tow yard): $25.
      • Administration fee (a one-time fee for time spent with customers, insurance companies, police, making copies of files, faxing or sending e-mails by staff): $25.
      • A flat fee of $100 for the recovery of vehicles off the roadway, or not on all wheels as normal driving/resting position, requiring the use of a winch.
      • Vehicle preparation before a vehicle can be towed, such as when vehicles are locked, stuck in gear, or have large parts such as doors, bumpers, exhaust systems or moldings hanging from them, where the labor extends past one-quarter hour, shall entitle the tow operator to charge a fee of $50 per quarter hour.
  • An unusual or unforeseen circumstance which requires a special charge or additional billing outside the scope of the schedule must be documented by the towing service and provided to the Director of Public Safety within 48 hours of the event.
Service Fees
Fees for towing and storage of private passenger vehicles, other than those damaged in an accident or recovered after being stolen, shall be the same as those set forth in Subsection A if the official tower is called to the scene by the Police Department of the Township of Plainsboro in accordance with this chapter. Any other towing services to private passenger vehicles not involved in accidents or recovered after being stolen when requested privately by individuals shall be at the rates as agreed to between the individual and the tower.