Prescription Drug Collection Information

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The Plainsboro Police Department Serves as a Permanent Collection
Site for Unwanted Prescription Medications

The Plainsboro Police Department is partnered with the American Medicine Chest Challenge to provide the local community with a safe disposal method for prescription medications. Since the spring of 2014, the Plainsboro Police Department has served as a permanent collection site for unwanted prescription medications. The site serves as a 24/7/365 location for residents to drop off all unwanted prescription pills to be properly disposed of by law enforcement personnel.

Prescription drug abuse is a major problem in our country. The Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey found that 5,500 Americans start to misuse prescription drugs everyday and approximately 40 Americans die everyday from overdose of prescription painkillers. This is because the proper way to discard medications is often misunderstood, leading to unwanted medications landing in the hands of children and teens.

Many people try and do the right thing by disposing of unwanted prescription medications by discarding them down the drain or flushing them down the toilet. This is a common mistake made by many and the effects can be devastating. Most medications should not be washed down the drain because water treatment facilities are not designed to remove pharmaceutical compounds. The end result may be prescription medications showing up in the future in our local waterways and drinking water.

The Plainsboro Police Department is encouraging all residents to bring their unwanted prescription medication pills to the Plainsboro Police Department for proper disposal. However, the site does not allow for the collection of liquids and needles. The NJ Department of Environmental Protection suggests that all prescription liquids be mixed with trash such as coffee grinds prior to being disposed of in the trash (do not recycle). All personal information on prescription bottles should be blackened out prior to disposing of them. For information regarding the proper disposal of needles, please go to

Information regarding National Take Back Programs can be found at Diversion Control Division